Things to do in Glenfinnan


The area around Glennfinan is a paradise for walkers and climbers with many of the famous Munros within easy reach. There are also low level walks for strollers and taxing walks for enthusiasts.

Glen Finnan
Starting from the Station there is a quiet track leading along the head of Loch Shiel and after a mile bringing you up under the Glenfinnan viaduct into Glen Finnan.There is then the choice of several walks:

  • Glen road.
    The road up the glen carries on for two miles to the bothy at Corriehoile after which it carries on over to Loch Arkaig as a track for seven miles. Gives stunning views of surrounding mountains and an easy "go as far as you want" walk for couch potatoes.

  • Glen circular. At the bothy it is possible to climb up the lower slopes of Ben an Tuim for 300m to reach the forest track leading back at high level down the opposite side of the river, rejoining the road near the viaduct. Gives beautiful views down Loch Shiel but needs a bit of energy!

  • Corryhully horseshoe. A serious walk even for experienced walkers, with a tiring walk back out down the glen road. A full day is necessary. Best done anti-clockwise to make easy use of the stalkers path which leads off from the track over to Loch Arkaig just after the first ford. Stunning views into Knoydart and over to the Inner Hebrides from the ridge.

  • Loch Beoraid circular. At Corrhully bothy a side glen leads off west to Loch Beoraid. Just before reaching the head of the loch a track (undefined) leads south and back to the main road to give a short walk back to the village. This is a long walk at lower levels requiring some previous experience.

Loch Shiel
There is a private road running down the east side of the Loch which gives a lovely easy walk. It does however need a car to get to the start of the track which is some 2 miles east of the villagel on the A830.

  • Loch Road.
    As a walk in its own right the road is fairly flat and level and with only the occasional timber lorry to disturb the peace enables the view down and up the Loch to be appreciated. The croft at Guisachan is three miles down the track and is a good picnic spot.

  • Ghuibhsachain.This cone shaped peak does not make a munro but is categorised as a Corbett. It is reached from the croft house either by walking up the corrie or straight up the ridge, both of which are quite taxing on the legs and definately not for the casual walker. From the summit one can come back down the other way or follow the tops round to Callop for a testing day long circular walk.

Glenfinnan is a classic starting point for acess into Knoydart by walking up Glen Finnan to Loch Arkaig and then via Glen Dessary into the Knoydart mountains. One can then walk through to Inverie, catch the ferry back to Mallaig and get back to Glenfinnan on the train. Definately needs a lot of planning and good fitness, allow at least three days!